Comprehensive Wellness Services

Our comprehensive set of wellness services aims to provide maximum benefit to your employees and maximum cost savings to the company’s bottom line.  A comprehensive program uses a full spectrum of evaluation tools to develop company and individual profiles.  We use this information to create maximally beneficial company wide programs as well as individually tailored responses to those employees presenting more serious issues.

This process is continually repeated and refined to maximize and sustain the health and wellness benefit.

The particular program implementation is tailored to each company and often each division or segment of a company, as different divisions tend to present different demographics with differing lifestyles, job stressors and motivations. That said, most people can benefit from 2 things: eating better and getting more exercise.

Therefore, our comprehensive wellness programs always include some mix of healthy eating classes/training and exercise training and promotion.

To learn more about how our corporate health and wellness programs can benefit your company, contact us here.